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Six Signs You Need A Gutter Replacement

Six Signs You Need A Gutter Replacement

Watch out for these six signs that you should have a gutter replacement.

The structural integrity of your house has a dependence on your roof, siding, foundation, and more various exterior elements of your home. But there is a system that often gets overlooked, and it can impact the other elements you have in place. Were talking about the gutters.

If gutters haven’t been properly maintained, or have otherwise significantly aged over time, it may be time to get them replaced. There are signs to watch out for to help you determine if a replacement is necessary. Watch out for these six signs that you should have a gutter replacement.

Old Age

Gutters tend to last anywhere between fifteen and forty years. If your gutters haven’t been inspected, replaced, or repaired during that time, you should get them evaluated. If you haven’t owned your home for the whole time the gutters were in place, ask an expert to help determine their likely age.


Metal gutters can rust and corrode as time goes on. If you see any rusty spots along your gutters, it’s easier for your system to leak. This is when you know it’s time for a gutter replacement.

Damaged Siding

If your gutters fail, you’ll likely notice problems with your siding. Leaking gutters can cause stains, peeling paint, and water damage to your siding. If you don’t address the problem and replace your gutters, you might have to replace parts of your siding too.


Your gutters could get holes for many reasons, such as damage from corrosion or impact damage. If you get holes in your gutters, water goes down the side of your house instead of the downspout.

Also, during drier parts of the year, you could find yourself with an infestation of insects. Getting a gutter replacement is necessary for avoiding these problems.

Interior Leaks and Water Damage

Leaking gutters can result in interior water damage. Things you might notice include peeling paint, stains, and cracks. Interior water intrusion is challenging to deal with on your own, so it’s in your best interest to get professional assistance in evaluating the damage to see if the damage is a result of your gutters failing you. If your gutters are the source of the problem, a gutter replacement will be necessary.

Sagging and Warping

Functional gutters have to run close to the roof of the house. If the troughs end up bending, sagging, or pulling away from the house, your gutter can become dangerous. If your troughs get warped, a gutter replacement will be needed for every affected section.

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