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Signs You Need a Gutter Replacement

Signs You Need a Gutter Replacement

There are signs to watch out for when determining if you need a gutter replacement.

Even if you take good care of your gutters, repairing them and keeping up with regular maintenance, you’ll have to determine when you have to get a gutter replacement. If you try spending your time continually repairing broken gutters, it can cost you a lot of time and money. In cases like this, it’s better to scrap the old gutters and get new ones. There are signs to watch out for when determining if you need a gutter replacement.

Cracks or Holes

If there are cracks or holes in your guttering, it can do a lot of harm. Water starts leaking, and it can cause water damage to the rest of your home’s exterior. There’s also a chance that mildew and mold could grow on the inside of places where these cracks and holes are found.


If you happen to see that your gutters are sagging or they’re pulling away from your roof, a gutter replacement is in order. There are many reasons your gutters could be sagging, including faulty fastenings or a large amount of debris. You need to address this problem the moment you notice it. Getting a gutter replacement to remedy this issue is wise because if you don’t address the issue, your gutter could fall off entirely.

Get a Gutter Replacement if you Have Peeling Paint

You might see that there is paint missing from the exterior of your house. If this is the case, it’s possible water is leaking through faulty guttering and trickling down the side of your home. It’s the additional moisture that causes the paint to peel. Get an inspection from a professional to determine if this is truly the issue.

Get a Gutter Replacement if You Have Basement Flooding

Guttering can get into bad shape, and when it does, it can let water leak onto the ground around your house. When too much water accumulates in one area, it can cause flooding in your basement. If you start seeing water get into your basement, see if your guttering could be the cause.

Broken Seams

For those who don’t have seamless gutters, there is always a chance that your seams give out. Seams are what keep the whole structure intact, so identifying any damage is imperative. Talk with a gutter professional to see if you can get seamless gutters so that this problem doesn’t happen in the future.

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