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Preparing for a Roof Replacement

Preparing for a Roof Replacement

Take these tips into consideration so you can be prepared for your next roof replacement.

Getting a new roof is a big deal. Kids and pets might get excited by all of the activity that takes place during the installation process. Once the roofers arrive, your house assumes the role of a workplace environment. As such, you have to make preparations ahead of time so that you’re ready for this sudden change. Take these tips into consideration so you can be prepared for your next roof replacement.

The Roof Replacement Can Impact your Children and Pets

There’s a lot of noise that takes place during a roof replacement. This can disrupt sleep and cause small children and pets to become anxious. Some may be excited to watch the replacement take place, but it’s best done from a safe distance away from the work zone.

That’s why you should talk to your kids and explain to them that certain parts of the house will be off-limits until the project is done. Some pets and younger children may not understand why certain places are off-limits, so you might be more inclined to visit family and friends while you have your roof replacement.

Move your Vehicles

You need to give your roofer ideal parking for the job, and that may require you to move any vehicles that are in the way. Roof contractors need to quickly access their tools and vehicles while they’re working, so give them priority on any preferred parking around your house. You should keep your vehicles at a safe distance away from the construction site until the roof replacement is complete. Also, to avoid cleaning out dust and debris later, it’s best to keep your garage doors closed during construction as well.

Prune Trees and Cut your Grass Before the Roof Replacement

You need to trim all tree branches that are near your roof before the roof replacement can begin. Also, your grass should be cut as well. This is because short grass makes it tougher for debris to hide on your lawn, making the post-work cleanup process smoother.

A Roof Replacement Job Requires Power Outlets

Your roof contractors will need power outlets to complete the job. Exterior outlets are ideal, but if you don’t have any to use, you can also use a garage outlet, which would be the next best solution.

If you don’t have a garage outlet, you could try running extension cords through windows so you can reach outlets inside of your house. Try to pick a part of your house with low foot traffic because extension cords are a tripping hazard.

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