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Five Solutions for a Roof Leak

Five Solutions for a Roof Leak

There are many ways you can repair a roof leak.

It stinks when you find out you have a roof leak. The moment you see the damp spot on your roof, you know that your weekend is going to be burdened, trying to fix it. You have to identify where the leak’s origin is, and it’s never as obvious as you would like it to be. Then, you have to repair the leak, which is its own ordeal. There are many ways you can repair a roof leak.

Pipe Boot

If the roof leak started from a crack or a torn or rotted roof pipe, replace your old vent boot and get a new one installed. It’s also possible that the boot is just fine and that you’re missing some nails. If this is the case, replace them with screws with rubber washers on them.

A Roof Leak Can Come from Small Holes in your House

It’s harder to notice any smaller holes in your roof, but they can cause roof leaks over time. Holes can appear in your roof as a result of a mounted antennae on your house, hail, or missing nails. There are temporary solutions such as roof cement that you can use, but we don’t recommend them as ideal solutions, especially long-term. Replace your damaged shingles if you want a more permanent solution to the problem.

Chimney Flashing

Old brick chimneys get worn down and over time and can crumble, which can cause a roof leak. If you use metal flashing underneath your old flashing, you can seal the damaged part of your roof.

Clogged Gutters Can Cause a Roof Leak

Clogged gutters are another potential source of a roof leak. Normally, your gutters serve as a draining system that takes water away from your house. When your gutters get backed up with debris, water starts to pile up in your gutters. Make sure your roof is free of any debris to prevent this from happening.

If you think this will be an ongoing problem, contact a roofing professional and get their input on the situation. It’s possible you need leak guards installed on your gutters. Having leaf guards for the fall season is a great idea.

Valley Leak

If you find out that your roof leak problem started in a roof valley, it can be tricky trying to get your roof fixed. You can go with a new leak barrier that goes along the valley and put shingling over top. It’s not advised to try this on your own. You’re better off calling a roofing professional to handle this work for you.

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